Scotland Music Final Project

Now to the details…

First, there is a mystery tune that you will need to listen to in its entirety.  It is 17 minutes in length.  It is one of the most beautiful tunes ever created.  You will most likely, in order to connect with it and do the very best job of the project – need to listen to it several times.  I realize that bagpipe music might not be your “thing” but it is necessary for you to set aside any obstacles that might prevent you from immersing yourselves into the “pond of music”.  Sit back, close your eyes, let the music come to you and allow it to open up the parts of you that until this very moment might be asleep or neglected.  This is a project of your creativity, your powers of observation, your sense of music and your ability to create a story that reflects all of the above in a way that captures your imagination and originality.  In other words, let this be a chance for your personality to find its way onto the paper as only you can do.

I want you to decide what sort of tune this is – a lament? a salute? a gathering? a work song? There is no “wrong” answer.

Then, I want you to write a story about the tune – you can be the composer, you can be anyone you want to be.  Write a story about the tune, go into detail as much as you wish.  There are simply no restraints on what is acceptable.  I am looking for original thinking, cleverness (you know I love clever), style, grammar, passion and something that makes me think.

I have included an example of previous work done by students who have previously taken my class – feel free to read them and see how they did it.  The story by “Rachel” is a great example of a terrific project…

When you listen, try and let the music be the stimulant for deeper thought.  Notice colors, thoughts about people, places, experiences, whatever.  They are all relevant.  It is a good idea to light a candle prior to doing things like this – it helps to unlock the mind.

Basically there are NO Rules.  Just let the music take you and then write about it.

It has to be 2000 words minimum, Times New Roman 10 double spaced.  It should have a title as it will relate to the tune that you are basing your story about.  And I do mean 2000 words.

We can discuss any further details in class but I wanted to get you moving in the direction as soon as possible so you can come up with some extraordinary.

Looking forward to your creation.

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