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Question 1

Non-Concordist Positions – Strengths & Weaknesses

Chapter 6 of the Origins text discusses five different non-concordist positions about creation. A non-concordist position assumes that the Bible is true and that the Bible teaches that God created all things, but that the Bible is not teaching a science lesson of the time sequence order of how God created all things.

Question 2

How does the Blessed Man of Psalms 1–2 compare to Joshua?

  • 500–750 words
  • Learning Module 6 (week 6)
  • Your first sentence needs to state your thesis in a complete sentence.
  • The rest of your post needs to defend your thesis with evidence from the reading or other sources.
  • Please footnote any sources from which you borrow ideas, thoughts or concepts, including the textbook.
  • Please use quotations marks and a footnote from any sources from which you borrow actual words.
  • Please keep your quotes from a source as small. They should not be more than a sentence.
  • Please write with complete sentences.
  • Please make sure that the subject and the verb of each sentence agree.
  • Please use only one verb tense (past or present) in your post.
  • Please have transitions between sentences, especially within the same paragraph.
  • You will only be able to read other posts if you first submit your own post.
  • Do not use contractions or other aspects of an informal writing styles.
  • Do not use texting or tweeting abbreviations (LOL, BTW, etc.)
  • Use a formal writing style.

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