Science and Materials

Assignment 2 – Properties of Materials

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO2 Discuss the environmental and sustainability factors which impact on and influence the material choices for a construction project.

LO3 Present material choices for a given building using performance properties, experimental data, sustainability and environmental consideration.

Assignment Brief and Guidance

You will be continuing your role of assistant surveyor for a construction project in Bromley. This project involves the construction of new houses on a site to the south of the borough. Your manager has asked you produce a detailed report titled ‘Sustainable Practices and Considerations for Material Choice’ to be used at a design meeting. The purpose of your report is to illustrate how the use of sustainable practices and considerations for material choice can improve the environmental rating of the completed building.

Your manager has asked you to include the following sections in your report.

·         Sustainable Materials

You will need to research and explain how the timber you will use for the new houses performs against a range of environmental considerations over its whole life cycle including before and after the construction process.

You will also need to discuss how the timber can be certified so that you are sure of its environmental credentials and then illustrate the benefits of this in improving the environmental rating of the completed houses.

·         Waste Management

Your report should include details of how you intend to reduce the impact of waste materials on the site and explain how this will improve the environmental rating of the completed building.

Your manager has asked you to produce a detailed waste management plan for the construction of a one of the new houses with the intention that this could eventually be expanded for the whole development.

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·         Testing Materials

Two samples of the concrete mix being delivered to site are to be made. You will then test the concrete for two performance characteristics, workability and strength.

Your report should include a description of the tests and clear presentation of the results, together with your conclusions on the properties of the concrete. Highlight any unexpected results and discuss why these may have occurred.

You should also discuss the suitability of the concrete tested for use in a reinforced foundation and link your findings to regulatory requirements for the use of materials on site.

·         Selection of Structural Elements

Select two structural materials which could be used to construct the floors in the new houses detailing in your report how well the materials perform against the range of conditions possible during their lifespan.

Then assess the effects of loading the two materials when used as a floor, comparing the performance and behaviour of the two materials.

Suggest a suitable solution for the floor illustrating how well your choice would affect the environmental rating of the building.

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