Scatter Plot


1) Go out   and find at least 20 observations of ordered-pair data where one variable (X) is independent and (Y) is dependent.   

2) Make a scatter plot where the X variable is on the horizontal axis and the Y variable is on the vertical axis.   

3) Run a simple linear regression using the data. Display the regression question. Describe the interpretation of the slope coefficient in relation to the data you gathered.  

 4) Display R-Squared and provide an interpretation of the coefficient of determination in relation to your example.   

5) Use your regression equation to provide a forecast estimate of the dependent variable Y when a particular X variable is selected. You get to select whatever X variable you like within the relevant range of your data set.    


Give an example of a situation related to your field in which you would use two-way ANOVA. Why did you choose this example? How would this information help you perform your job duties?

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