Scanning Tests

Question 1

The nurse practitioner is instructing a patient on the proper use of the diaphragm, a barrier contraceptive method. Which of the following would the nurse practitioner include in the instructions?

Question 1 options:

The diaphragm should be removed within one hour after intercourse.

The diaphragm may be inserted up to twenty-four hours prior to intercourse

The diaphragm may be inserted up to twenty-four hours prior to intercourse

Douching is safe immediately upon removal of the diaphragm.

Question 2

Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) has multiple causes. When a woman presents and reports menstrual irregularity with amenorrhea, which is the most common cause of amenorrhea?

Question 2 options:

Ectopic pregnancy




Question 3

Polycystic ovaries predispose women to a higher incidence of:

Question 3 options:

Adrenal tumors

Ovarian cancer

Endometrial cancer


Question 4

A well-woman visit for an adolescent should include which of the following? Select all that apply.

Question 4 options:

A general health history and physical examination, including a breast examination, pelvic with Pap smear, counseling, and assessment of risk factors

A general health history focusing on reproductive and sexual health concerns (menses, gynecologic, and pregnancy related) and psychosocial (family related, peer related, emotional, and physical as well as related to abuse, drug use, and alcohol use) concerns

Screening tests and immunizations as indicated by the health history

External-only inspection of the genitalia

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