Sampling Structures

Question 1

Option #1: Probability #1

  1. The odds of winning a game of HORSE in basketball is 3 to 5 against your opponent. What is the probability that you win the game?
  2. You have purchased a used car. Historically, the chance of spending $2000 in repairs for the car is 72% and the chance of spending $3000 is 28%. What is the expected value of the amount you will spend in repairs for the car?
  3. Three cards are drawn from a 52-card deck of cards. What is the probability that all three cards are hearts?


  • Show all your work so that the instructor clearly sees how you solved the problem.
  • Make sure your final answer is clear and visible.

Question 2

Probability and nonprobability are the two general categories of sampling. Probability sampling uses random selection, whereas nonprobability sampling does not. For example, if you wanted to study the effects of divorce on the psychological development of adolescents, you could gather a population of a certain number of adolescents whose parents were divorced. Then, out of that population, you could randomly select 25 of those people. If you wanted to use nonprobability sampling, you would choose specific people who had met predetermined criteria. For this Discussion, consider how samples would be chosen for both probability and nonprobability sampling structures.

Redefine Question. In what ways do social workers assist same-sex couple in counseling?

1. Develop two sampling structures: Probability and nonprobability.

2. Explain who would be included in each sample and how each sample would be selected.

3. Be specific about the sampling structures you chose, evaluating both strengths and limitations of each.

Please you the resource form Yegidis, B. L., Weinbach, R. W., & Myers, L. L. (2012). Research methods for social workers (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Ally & Baco

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