Sales Personnel


The organizational information   processing infrastructure includes…

a. technology

b. knowledge management

c. management and control

d. planning


Amazon took a long time to show a profit as a business concern because

a. it was obliged to build business processes, practices, and information systems that had not existed previously 

b. its planning and financial forecasting were not informed by real-time data

c. it spent too much time and money on traditional methods of marketing 

d. it couldn’t attract customers to its Website.


An example of control at Amazon is

a. limiting employee lunch breaks to 45 minutes

b.capturing the weight of all books in grams so that as completed book orders come to fulfillment for shipping, they can confirm the correctness of each order by its total weight in grams

c. making a smoke-free work zone

d. setting spending limits on what marketing and sales personnel may claim when traveling for the company

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