Sales Analysis

Answer the following questions in a Word document.

1) If you have not done so already, download the sales pivot file in the Module Two Resources folder. Using the pivot table sales resource, which sales person had the highest total sales for the:
How many orders were placed on 2/18/2005?
What were the total sales for that day?

2) Name at least two types of sales analyses that the controller might perform for the sales team. How would these help the sales team?

3) Breakeven Questions
What are the breakeven points for Widgets A, B, and C given the following information?
Fixed costs for A = 500, B = 500, C = 500
Pricing for A = $20, B= $30, C = $40
Variable costs for A =$10, B= $5, C= $20
Breakeven A =  __________
Breakeven B =  __________
Breakeven C =  __________
Suppose the sales manager wanted to discuss lowering the price of product C to $15. What would you tell him?
Which product is the most profitable if 60 units of each were sold?

4) Think of any large company. Look up their mission statement. What is their mission statement? Do you think this company lives up to their mission statement?  Why or why not?

5) If you had as much money as Bill Gates and decided to create any company you wanted, what would your business be? What would your mission statement be? How did you come up with this statement? What aspects of your business did you think about to determine your statement?

6) List several pros and cons of using only one fixed budget for the year.

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