Safety Information

Question 1

  1. Following a significant increase in a workplace accident, a health and safety campaign is plan to be launched within an organization to encourage safer working environment among employees. Safety and Health officer is having problems to choose the best method to organize the campaign since almost 70% of their workers are foreigners from five different countries.

Analyze the situation and answer the following questions:

How can the organization ensure that the nature of the campaign is effectively clearly communicated and is understood by their employees? Explain why is it important to use a variety of methods to communicate health and safety information in the workplace and lastly, other than communication problems, describe other factors in the organization that could reduce the effectiveness of the campaign.

(30 Marks)

  1. Injuries and incidents at the workplace contribute to the loss of time in production, damage of machineries and absence of the injured workers. Many approaches have been considered in order to implement appropriate actions or solutions which in the end provide benefits to the company or organization. Discuss in details at leastTHREE (3) common approaches involved in every safety and health program. In your discussion, highlight which approach have shown the most positive result.

Question 2

“In order to have a valid contract, all parties to a contract must have capacity to enter into a contract.”- Loganathan Krishnan, ‘Principles of Business and Corporate Law, Malaysia’, (2015) Wolters Kluwer, p 65

With relevant case laws and provisions of the Malaysian Contract Act 150, explain what is capacity and its exception to the general rule.

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