Rotational Motion


Quick Overview

This is a continuation of the portfolio project. Now, you can show off what you can do with rotational motion.

At home, you’ll create one scenario. Please see the instructions below for more details. You’ll measure everything you can about the scenario and use those measurements to do calculations and show off your physics skills. A scorecard gives you a list of measurements, calculations, and skills that you can choose from.

Finally, you’ll present all those measurements, calculations and skills in a presentation. This can be a video, a powerpoint, a word document, a sway, a webpage, a padlet… you get to choose your favorite platform. If the videos are longer than about 1 minute, please upload them to Youtube (unlisted) and include the link in your portfolio document.

The portfolio is worth 300 points and is due on Thursday 4/29 at 11:59 pm.

Portfolio Instructions

  • Download and read the attached instructions (available in both Word and PDF) for the details on the 5th portfolio. We’ve also attached a second document, a blank scorecard for you to use to keep track of your score as you put your portfolio together. You’ll be uploading your scorecard (with checkmarks where you think you’ve earned points) with your portfolio submittal.
  • ItemA Major Thing to Avoid Please keep in mind that all calculations and skills must begin with equations from our equation sheet. Equations from the internet or YouTube that you’ve found do not count. If you use those equations instead of the ones on our equation sheet, you will not get full credit for your skill or for your calculation. It’s important that you can derive all of these results from the beginning, foundational equations on our equation sheet. Simply finding an equation online and plugging-then-chugging an answer is not showing deep understanding of physics ideas.
  • Also, internet-found equations often come with hidden rules that make them unusable for this scenario. Example – there are a lot of motion equations out there that have the rule “only if the object is not accelerating” but the internet won’t tell you that, so if you use those equations here, they won’t work. I don’t want my wonderful students to be misled! Stick to our equation sheet. 🙂
  • ItemOPTIONAL: Using Pivot to Analyze Your Very Own Videos
  • Here is the link to the Pivot Lab which you can use to analyze your videos:

When You Turn Things In..

If you do a video or Padlet, please post a link to your video in YouTube or your Padlet along with your scorecard. Please do a new Padlet for each portfolio (but within one portfolio, you can do more than one scenario). Do not edit your padlets or videos after the due date! Turn in your project and turn in your Scorecard. This will help us grade it – if you tell us what points you are going for, then we’ll know what to look for. Makes sense, right? Thanks!

Remember – if you are doing a Padlet, do not log into your Padlet after uploading the link here. Otherwise it will be marked late. You are safe to re-open your Padlet after you see a grade in the gradebook for this portfolio.

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