Role of Hotel Front Office

In-house Sales Assignment

Purpose of the Assignment: Students must identify the role of the hotel front office with regard to promoting other hotel services and how the front office can improve sales and ultimately the hotel’s bottom line.

Resource: Ch. 13 of Hotel Front Office Management

Answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words:

What role does the hotel front office have in promoting other hotel services?

Who would you include in a brainstorming session to address improving the point-of-sale office?

What ideas do you have for improving the point of sale office?

How can front office sales increase the hotel’s bottom line?

Motivation Theories Assignment

Writing Assignment: Motivation Theories (100 Points Possible)

Purpose of Assignment: This assignment relates common motivational theories to hotel employees to help increase the hotel’s bottom line. Be sure to review the section of your text which covers various motivational theories. Also, you may consider employee motivation techniques as conversed within the Week 6 discussion. Of course, outside research on the discussed motivational theories is welcome. Be sure to reference all sources used.

Resources Required: Ch. 13 of Hotel Front Office Management

Write a 700-1,050 word paper addressing the content below.

Consider the following scenario: Your hotel front office has enthusiastic, motivated employees, but also has unenthusiastic, obstinate employees. You are concerned that the level of hospitality is suffering.

Format your Paper:

1)    Title Page

2)    Introductory Paragraph (defines the purpose of the paper)

3)    Answer the following questions in the body of your paper based on the above scenario:

What motivation theories would you apply as front office manager?

Would you use the same application for everyone? Why or why not?

What programs would you implement to continue to motivate your enthusiastic employees and increase motivation among your less-enthusiastic employees?

4)    Incorporate a brief training strategy explaining that hospitality is the first priority. You can consider this to be a section of a training manual.

5)    Concluding Paragraph:Wrap-up your strategies with a strong concluding paragraph – one that reviews the major points of your paper and perhaps provides a forward looking approach.

6)    Reference Page: reference all sources used including the text

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include the following APA elements: Title Page, Introductory paragraph, in-text citations, headings, concluding paragraph, and APA reference page.

Post your paper as a MS Word attachment

**Please Note:

Remember, the best way to back-up your managerial decisions, approaches, and developed strategies is with detail, specifics, and examples. I look forward to analyzing your strategic approaches as it relates to application of motivational theories at the front lines of the front office.


Have a question about APA? There is a sample APA paper posted in Week 1 for your review.

How do front desk staff help sell additional services or items to hotel guests?  What are best practices for these types of sales conversations? Post a 150-300 word response

As a manager, how would you motivate your front desk employees to increase sales? Post a 150-300 word response

You also offer monetary rewards which can be quite effective (bonus and commissions). I also recommend varying the rewards and perhaps providing awards such as employee of the month or special parking. One of my desk clerks found great value in being able to have priority scheduling. In essence, rewards and awards can extend far beyond monetary values. Would this type of incentive work well in your opinion?

Great points. I agree. It is important to maintain employee motivation. Suppose you were the front desk manager and you find that many of your front office employees met their sales quotas while some did not. What types of awards or recognition would you provide to each type of employee in efforts to maintain their motivation and prevent the associates who did not meet their sales goals from becoming discouraged? Thoughts?

Class – After reviewing the various Motivational Theories presented in this week’s assigned reading, you have a general idea of the basis of each theory and the associated motivators. Summarize Maslow’s motive hierarchy of needs. This theory is highly used in business and when developing programs to help motivate employees. Cite three motivators that might be important to an individual employee each stage of the hierarchy. Provide your rationale for such conclusions. All input welcome. A response here will count toward participation.

Thank you for sharing strategies that have worked will in your place of employment, Teresa. In this week’s and last week’s discussion most people discuss monetary rewards. However, rewards and awards can extend far beyond. Let’s also not forget recognition as a form of award. You may also be motivated by promotional (status awards). Which motivational theory does recognition/status rewards best align with? Feel free to our textbook for more information on specific motivational theories.

If your son or daughter (or younger relative) asked you why they needed to learn math in school, what would you tell them?

Knowing what you know now about mathematics, how would you explain to a friend the value of mathematics in everyday life?

If you needed algebra help from your son or daughter, or even younger relative, what would they possibly say to you?

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