Robotic Surgery

Question 1

Following her briefing to the Board of Directors, your hospital CEO has been charged with developing a vision statement for the coming ten years. She has asked the leadership team to suggest HIT related initiatives that would benefit the hospital. Prepare a POWER POINT presentation that describes one of the following technologies.

a. Watson Health

b. Telemedicine

c. Robotic Surgery

d. Precision Medicine

e. Genomics

What are the benefits? Risks? Relative costs? Your presentation should be no longer than 15 slides or equivalent.

Question 2

Must include in-text citations. Discussion question- no more than 500 words.

Consider the following hypothetical situation: You are a human resources manager in a medium-sized hospital. You are writing the job description for an operations manager who will manage finances, evaluate financial performance, and develop financial plans. What skills does a suitable candidate need?



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