Risk Review


Deliverable 1: Project Charter    [60 marks]

Construct a one- or two-page project charter which describes the objectives of your proposed solution for the selected project, along with sufficient financial information and analysis of feasibility, such that the company executive can then decide whether to invest further in this proposal.
You must check that you have attributed and correctly APA referenced any material that is not your own, and verified the Turnitin statistics to be confident that your submission will meet academic integrity standards.
The charter must be formatted as a professional-standard report and marks will be awarded for this element.

Deliverable 2: Work Breakdown Structure    [40 marks]

Develop a Work Breakdown Structure for your project where level 1 is the name you have given to your project. Where appropriate, you should identify work packages at level 4. When finished, save it as a PDF document and submit it via EIT Online.


Deliverable 1: Communication Management Plan    [15 marks]

Create a  Communication ManagementPlan for your project comprising a Stakeholder Analysis Matrix and the approach which the project will take to manage communications through the life of the project.

Deliverable 2: Scope Management Plan    [10 marks]

Create a Scope Management Plan identifying roles and responsibilities for managing scope and the process which is to be followed for Scope Change Requests.

Deliverable 3: Work Package Document    [20 marks]

Select three work packages from the WBS you submitted for assignment 1. One of the work packages must be at level 4 in the hierarchy. All three work packages must be for different deliverables.

Create a Work Package Document comprising a Title page, Table of Contents page and a Work Package Description for each of the three work packages selected. The Table of Contents page must list all work packages in the WBS even though only three descriptions are provided. You may fabricate the page numbers for the entries in the Table of Contents which do not actually exist.

Deliverable 4: Project Timeline and initial Project Schedule Gantt Chart    [40 marks]

Create a Project Plan (using either MS Project 2016 or Project in a Box Community Edition) comprising all tasks for Stage 1 of your project and, as a minimum, the work packages identified in the WBS for the remaining stages.
1. Based on the project plan, provide a project timeline. This may be a table in a MS Word document or a PDF containing a screen print.
2. Using either a screen print (multiple screen prints if necessary) or Project in a Box export facility create a MS Word document or PDF containing the entire Gantt chart for your project.

Deliverable 5: Risk Management Plan and Risk Register    [15 marks]

Create a Risk Management Plan for your project with a copy of the Risk Register as the appendix. For the Risk Register, include only:
1. Risks which might persist for the life of the project; and
2. Risks which are specific to Stage 1 of the project.


Deliverable 1: Project Management File    [40 marks]

Make corrections to the plan submitted in Task Two and baseline the project at that point (that is, before any delivery activity is recorded). For MS Project, the baseline should be set internally. For Project in a Box you will need to ‘Save as’ to create a new version so you can show the difference between the original plan for Stage 1 and the actuals on completion of Stage 1.
Develop the complete project plan and maintain/update it to reflect the virtual progress of the project schedule through to the first stage boundary (completion of all tasks in the first stage and completion or progress for any tasks in the other stages that parallel the duration of Stage 1). Include any timeline/schedule changes to reflect work packages and change requests, and actual expenditure and budget updates.

Deliverable 2: Stage 1 Completion Report     [60 marks]

Create a Stage 1 Completion Report to stakeholders. The report must include:
a) Comparison of planned versus actual schedule performance

b) High-level plan for Stage 2 and beyond

c) A financial report to show the status and performance of the project to date and the estimated final cost of the project

d) Impact on the business case

e) Issues, Change Log, highlights, concerns and risk review

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