Rigid Materials

Question 1

Scenario: Your team has been hired to provide financial analysis for a start-up company, Bobble in Style, which produces customized bobble heads. The bobble heads are made out of less rigid materials and are more true to life than those of competitors. The company inventors, Mr. and Mrs. Lee, are going to pitch their idea to Shark Tank in a few months, but first they need to have a better understanding of the business financials. The Lee’s are already creating and selling their product from their home-based office and work area. They know what costs are involved with making the bobble heads on a small scale, but they don’t have an understanding of financial figures beyond basic costs. They need you to make sense of various financial figures for them.

You will need to create a written executive summary (one page in length).

Question 2

Discuss a few key aspects of essay writing that have been shown to be an obstacle to student success, and examine the strategies or techniques that may be used to address these problems. Use findings from credible sources to show the extent and nature of these problems and demonstrate outcomes.

Question 3

Explain why it is important to know the literacy level of population, you are serving as a Public Health officer.

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