Retail Sales

The intention of this project report is to allow students to apply the regression technique they learnt in Module 5 and Module 6 to forecast the next 12 months of the retail sales data they selected. Conduct at least the following suggested analysis in, copy and paste the relevant printouts and graphs in a Word document, and provide descriptions and comments. This Report 3 must be double-space typed and presented in a professional manner. Other than the correctness of the analysis, presentation and organization of the report also counts.

Format of the Project Report 3:

(1) Your name and e-mail address.

(2) Give a title for your report, and write an introduction / purpose of the study.

(3) Data source and description

Give a general description of the retail sales data you selected.

In your description, you need to include the definition of the data and data source (URL link), for

example: US Retail Sales: Home Furnishings Stores: NAICS 4422: Millions of dollars:

NSA stands for non-seasonally adjusted, so the sales data should show seasonal behavior.

Also, mention the sample period: e.g., from 2007 January to 2018 ?month

Total number of observations is _____.(You should have more than 100 observations).

Any other details/descriptions you would like to add.

(4) Statistical Analysis

Input the sales data into the Perform the following analysis, copy and paste the relevant computer printouts and graphs to the report, and be sure to provide comments and descriptions.

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