Response Journal

Question description

  1. This response journal is an opportunity for you to reflect deeply on the attached article . please submit a journal entry on what most struck you from the reading. This is not a summary of the reading. Journaling about what you have read will provide an opportunity for you to critically and personally engage the material, discover what resonates with you, and construct what it means to you, using the classroom materials as a foundation. This may mean you treat each piece in turn, may mean you concentrate on concepts that cut across the readings, or may mean you focus on the one piece or idea that you found most compelling. You should pay particular attention to connecting theory with practice, and strong responses will grapple with issues on both an intellectual and practical level. Written reflections should conclude with no less than three points for in-class consideration and discussion. Pieces that are excessively short, excessively long, or fail to reflect critical thinking are not acceptable.
  2. part 2: What’s on your mind? Discussion prompts: after reading and reflecting about the article, you will author your own question. For this assignment, you should provide a clearly articulated question, contextual material that explains why that question matters in the scope of our work in this course and our professional endeavors, and well as be prepared to facilitate discussion with the whole group.

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