Respiration and Photosynthesis

1) With few exceptions, inorganic compounds do not have:

A) nitrogen-oxygen bonds or carbon-oxygen bonds.

B) carbon-hydrogen bonds or carbon-carbon bonds.

C) hydrogen-nitrogen bonds or carbon-oxygen bonds.

D) potassium-sodium bonds or hydrogen-chlorine bonds.

2) Which of the following are products of photosynthesis?

A) oxygen and sugar

B) water and oxygen

C) light and heat

D) carbon dioxide and water

3) Energy:

A) and nutrients flow one way through ecosystems.

B) and nutrients both cycle within ecosystems.

C) cycles within ecosystems, while nutrients flow only one way through ecosystems.

D) flows one way through ecosystems, but nutrients cycle within ecosystems.

4) Biogeochemical cycles involve:

A) only biological processes.

B) the cyclic movement of materials through ecosystems

C) only geological and chemical processes.

D) heat loss from both respiration and photosynthesis.

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