Residency Program

Taking a strategic approach to talent acquisition creates a more effective staffing approach than merely having a recruiting department.

Create a strategic talent acquisition outline:

The outline should contain bullet points of each activity, described in terms of what the activity is, as well as where the activity falls long the talent acquisition timeline (recruiting leads to interviewing leads to hiring, leads to on-boarding, etc.).

An outline could include but not limited to topics such as:

  1. Create a long-term recruiting strategy
    1. Create relationship with regional nursing schools
    2. Create relationships with other medical professional schools (PT, OT, Pharmacy, Radiology, etc.)
    3. Create scholarship program
    4. Etc.
  2. Create a short-term recruiting strategy
    1. Career fairs
    2. Campus visitation
    3. Internships
    4. Job Shadowing
    5. Etc.
  3. Develop integrated recruiting/onboarding strategy
    1. Group interviews
    2. Intensive shadowing
    3. Residency program
    4. Mentorships
    5. Surveys
    6. Etc.

Length: 2-3 pages

Resources: include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources

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