Research Subway


Choose one of the following 2 topics

1) Work-life balance

2) Effect of stress on employee performance

The paper is an individual assignment and must be professionally prepared (12 font-double spaced). It should be long enough to adequately discuss the topic and should be well organized and reflect the current HRM field of study within the last three years.  Journals, publications, HRM conference reports, the internet, and other HR related references can all be used for this paper. 

The main requirement is that the topic selected by the student and the supporting research is timely – within the last three years, that is utilized and citations are required. Be certain to also include a conclusion as well as your individual interpretation of the topic. The research paper must be around 10 pages, double-spaced. 


List and describe the four critical success factors for effective IT strategy development.  Research Subway, Walmart, or Google and explain how their IT strategy dovetails or follows the four critical success factors and give an example 

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