Research Questions

Outline the process whereby a company/brand selects a sponsorship property. In doing so, outline what the sponsorship policy will include and outline the selection criteria that a sponsor might use. Use example to illustrate your understanding.


What is sponsorship leveraging/activation? Why it is important to the success of a sponsorship program? What media can a sponsor use to leverage its sponsorship? Use examples to illustrate your understanding?


What is the role of sponsorship on behalf of companies/ brands? In answering the question, you are asked to consider sponsorship as a multi-stakeholder platform. Use examples to illustrate your understanding


Sponsors are under increasing pressure to prove the effectiveness of their sponsorship investments. How can sponsors measure the effectiveness of the sponsorship program? Examine the various methods of measuring sponsorship effectiveness, commenting on the value indeed limitations of each method.


What is Ambush marketing? What strategies used by “Ambushers” to associate with sporting events and activities? How can official sponsor protect themselves against Ambush Marketing?


You have been appointed as a consultant to a sports rights holder to advice on the development of a strategy for their sponsorship program. Outline the key stages involved in the developing sponsorship strategy for a rights holder (e.g. sports team)


What are the main benefits of Sponsorship for the right holders? In addition to the obvious financial benefits, what additional benefits might be available to the right holders from their involvement with sponsorship? Indicate through use of example how right holders have availed of the benefits of sponsorship?


Examine the role of agency support in ensuring the effective management of sponsorship. In answering the question, you are asked to outline the types of agency services required by sponsors and right holders. Give examples of the type of agency providing these services


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