Research Paper on Online Communities of Practice

Develop a paper researching online communities of practice using THE CHAPTERS IN YOUR TEXT; the Infographic: How to become a connected educator; as well as other related articles (below) and at beginning of this Syllabus. Discuss the benefits, challenges, and opportunities regarding the integration of community practice and reducing barriers related to your current organization or a nationally recognized organization. Describe how your community could be/has been transformed using technology and the information learned from the resources. You may obtain articles from any professional periodical or Website. The written paper should be at least three – five (3- 5) pages in length not including cover page or reference page. A minimum of three (3) scholarly current references are required for this assignment. USE THE RESOURCES IN A#1, ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY IN A#2.

Write in the third person and submit in a word document. The rubric for grading follows. Resources:

The Infographic: How to become a connected educator. Retrieved from

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology. (2011). Connect and inspire: Online communities of practice in education.

Retrieved from

Bates, T. (2014). “The role of communities of practice in a digital age.”

Retrieved  from

Biro, Meghan M. (2012). 5 ways social learning communities transform culture                                  and leadership. Retrieved from transform-culture-and-leadership/#32de34b57087

Hoadley, C. M., & Kilner, P. G. (2005). Using technology to transform communities of practice     into knowledge- building communities. SIGGROUP Bulletin, 25(1), 31-40. doi:                                10.1145/1067699.1067705.


Pappas, C. (2016). “8 Tips To Build An Online Learning Community.” Retrieved from

Rubric for Assignment 2 Research Paper on Online Communities

The Research Paper on Online Communities is worth 20% (20 points) of your grade. Content is worth 10 points; writing quality is worth 5 points; and APA style is worth 5 points. The following components will be graded in each category.

Content (10 points)

Appropriateness of selected research relating to online communities of practice Discussion on benefits, challenges and opportunities

Summary of the information learned

Comments relating information to student’s organization or a nationally recognized           organization Overall organization of assignment

Conclusion or summary

Total points:


Writing quality (5 points) to include but not limited to;

Proper use of grammar, syntax, and punctuation Graduate quality writing

Logical flow of ideas

Appropriate integration of research (3) Meets required length (3 -5 pages) Written in 3rd person


APA style (5 points) to include but not limited to; Appropriate use of direct and indirect quotes Appropriate use of citations in the text Correct format for the cover page
Correct format for the reference list

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