Research Methodology

Question 1

In Mamelodi community there was recently a protest that was conducted by a group of ‘the concerned parents’, which relates to child abuse, child pornography and statutory rape within this community. The concerned parents were angry because they were of the view that the courts follow a very soft approach when dealing with criminals who are convicted of these crimes. You are a director of a research institute called GOGETA, which is regarded as an NGO. The Mayor of Mamelodi approaches your institute to conduct a research in relation these crimes that are raised by these ‘concerned parents’.

Please answer the following questions:

1.1 what kind of research methodology will you follow in relation to the mayor’s request? [10 marks]

1.2 why are you choosing the kind of research methodology in 1.1? Please illustrate your answer with examples where necessary [5 marks]

1.3 what are the ethical issues that you will consider when conducting the research? [10 marks]

1.4 what are social justice issues that are raised in this scenario? [5 marks]

Question 2

Discuss plagiarism and make examples where necessary. [10 marks]

Question 3

Find the case of S v Makwanyane and Another (CCT3/94) 1995 ZACC 3,

Write an essay about this case, covering the following:

1. the facts of this case;

2. the legal question;

3. the decision of the court;

4. demonstrate why this case important in relation to the notion of Ubuntu; and

5. show how this case linked with transformative constitutionalism.

Your essay must include footnotes in the prescribed format and a bibliography. You must consult and use at least one book, one journal article, one Act of parliament or legislation and one court case in preparing for your essay. [40]

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