Research Method 2

Question description

or the results section in Paper IV, you will provide information about your participants,

materials, and procedure. Your participant section goes first, and it includes descriptive

statistics about your sample (means and standard deviations for age and percentages of

gender and race/ethnicity). This is a new sample of participants, so you CANNOT use

Paper II for this information. Make it NEW! Your materials and procedure sections

include information about what you did and how you did it (I already uploaded the

Qualtrics Survey on Blackboard, located at Dataset, Qualtrics, & Results folder under

Course Tools on the left side of Blackboard). You should once again write this section for

an audience who is unfamiliar with your newer study two variables, but you can actually

summarize or refer back to study one variables if and when they carry over from study

one to study two. In the end, just remember that you must educate your reader about your

materials and procedure, giving enough detail so they could replicate study two on their

own. Your Paper IV Method section will thus look a lot like your Paper II, but in Paper

IV you will describe BOTH independent variables as well as important dependent

variables (especially any new ones you added). I suggest reviewing your Paper II

feedback to see if you need more clarity in your Method descriptions, but make sure that

your reader is clear about the mechanics of your new 2 X 2 factorial design.

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