Research Foundation

Subculture vs. Counterculture Paper

For this assignment you will research a popular subculture or counterculture. In a two-page paper, tell me about the subculture or counterculture you researched.

— Introduce your paper by identifying the particular group you researched.

— Offer interesting facts and unique details about the group that separate it from mainstream culture.

— Conclude your paper by explaining why your group fits the definition of a subculture instead of a counterculture, or vice versa.

Your paper must be typed, double spaced, one inch margins, with 12 point Times New Roman font.   

It is absolutely CRITICAL that you cite all sources you used to research your subculture. In the 

below subcultures and countercultures in society. 

Everyday Subculture Examples

• Alcoholics Anonymous – a group for recovering alcoholics

Make sure to 

Identifies a group, researches the group, and describes the things that make it unique or unusual.

Researches and describes the criteria for a subculture versus a counterculture.

Analyzes and explains why the group should be classified as a subculture or as a counterculture. The analysis should be properly linked to the research foundation.

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