Research Article Summary


  1. Choose one of the following topics related to concepts covered in NR: Health and wellness, infection control, hygiene, safety, immobility, skin and wounds, urinary, bowel, nutrition, oxygenation, pain, sleep, spiritual, and loss/death/grief.
  2. Each student is to conduct his or her own literature search related to the chosen topic and is to select an evidence-based nursing research article from a peer-reviewed journal.
  3. Students who need assistance in locating an appropriate article should speak with the librarian or library staff.
  4. The article selected should ideally be no more than 8 pages in length and written within the past 5 years.
  5. Provide up to a 3-page paraphrased summary of the article, double-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, in APA format that includes the following:
    1. Purpose/Research Question – why was the research conducted? In other words, was a problem, issue, concern, or curiosity identified as something that supported the need for the research?
    1. Population/Sample – who were the participants in the study?
    1. What were the main findings or conclusions in the study?
    1. What is the application of this research to nursing practice? This section of your paper should be written in your own words, so writing in first person is allowed.  Share your thoughts about what this topic and findings of the research mean to you and how important you feel they are to nursing and why.  Based on the topic and research findings, what will you do to uphold the ethical and legal standards of professional nursing practice?  In other words, how does this research apply to nursing care and nursing responsibilities?
  6. Use the  Summary of Research Article Template  provided. Save the template as a Word document in the original format.  Only insert your name and date on the title page.  Students should type directly on the template to complete this assignment.  Each section of the paper begins with a bolded Level 1 Heading that should remain as noted on the template.
  7. The Reference page is a separate page in a paper. For this assignment, the only reference to be noted on the reference page is the one article that was reviewed and summarized.
  8. Please include a copy or link of the selected article with your paper submission.

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