Renewable Energy Source

Question 1

Writing Assignment: Renewable Energy Project

Suppose you are a city engineer whose job it is to explore how to use more renewable energy in your locality.

  1. Consider the resources in your city and select one of the following:
    • hydropower
    • solar power
    • wind power
    • geothermal power
  2. Prepare a pamphlet or multimedia presentation to convince a committee of citizens and local leaders that the renewable energy source you have selected is best for you locality. In your pamphlet or presentation include:
    • a discussion of the renewable energy source that is best for your town and why
    • a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source
    • a discussion of why you think your city should use more of this energy source
    • how use of renewable energy will impact your city
    • pictures and/or charts and tables to strengthen your arguments

Question 2
Briefly respond to each question (1-2 sentences).

1. Explain some of the reasons why 2-day shipping has a higher environmental cost, and how choosing a longer shipping delivery window is more environmentally friendly.

2. Briefly describe solutions traffic engineers are developing to help efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, including:

a. Traffic light timing

b. Platooning

c. Eliminating left-hand turns

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