Relationship Problems

a) Discus Hofstede`s cultural dimensions and indicate how they apply to South African managers.     (20 marks)
Read the case study and answer the question that follows:
Kagiso Ltd,
You are a consultant who has been approached by the management of Kagiso Ltd to assist them with performance problems experienced in the company.
The company has achieved its employment equity goals for the past two years and has a workforce that is almost representative of the population, it hopes to be fully representative within the next few years.However owing to increased diversity, the company is also experiencing more conflict, dissatisfaction, and apathy from certain groups. You have been requested to help find a resolution because of your extensive knowledge and experience in the field of diversity management. Initial talks with managers and employees revealed the following:
Policies that are discriminatory in certain instances
Employees from various groups are not equally involved in decision making
Communication and relationship problems
Physically challenged employees are excluded from certain activities
Some managers feel that diversity issues should be separated from operational issues and that only the HR department should deal with diversity.
You are convinced that there are many other issues that also need attention. You also realise that the management of Kagiso Ltd has failed to establish a culture that is appreciative of diversity.You shedule a meeting with senior management to discuss a best practice model for the establishment of a culture that values diversity. To your surprise, one of the senior male managers suggests that you end off the meeting with a round of golf at the nearest country club.
b) Comment on the situation and discuss how diversity management can be a strategic necessity for the survival of the organisation.     (10 marks)

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