Reflections and Comments

Question 1

You should write about the first story in your book “Heads of the Colored People: Four Fancy Sketches, Two Chalk Outlines, and No Apology.”

Journals are 1-2 pages double spaced.

  • Please make sure you put your name and journal number at the top of your journal entry.
  • What should be in your journal? A journal entry should contain 4 items about each piece of literature you read.
    • A brief synopsis of what the piece was about [think characters, conflict, resolution]
    • Any lines or phrases that have particular significance [think important themes, climactic moments]
    • A short explanation of what you liked or found most valuable about this section.
    • Any questions you have about the section. [Then ask those questions in your group to ensure you understand the piece better]

Question 2

Please write about the play Lysistrata.

What are the main themes of the play? 

As an anti-war play, do you think it is effective? Why or why not?

What did you think of the humor in the play? How was humor used to address the themes?

Some people consider this play to be sexist, while others view it as empowering to women. What are your thoughts?

Spend at least one paragraph discussing one of the characters. Discuss the character’s traits, wants, etc. Did you like this character? Why or why not?

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