Reflection Paper

reflection paper according to readings and question for RR3see documents

ESPM 50 – Reading reflections Spring 2019

Reading Reflections (RRs): These are 1-2 page responses to questions concerning topics from 

the previous week’s readings and lectures. They offer a chance to clarify your knowledge, 

understanding and feelings on a theme or topic. The following guidelines aim to help you 

structure your paper to express your ideas clearly and succinctly. Be prepared to discuss your 

thoughts in section.

1. Responses: Each week before RRs are due, three questions will be posted in the “RR” folder 

on bCourses. Respond to only one of the three questions, observing the following guidelines: 

A. RRs should be written in the form of a response to an essay prompt, including:

• A thesis statement (1 sentence) in the first (typically brief) paragraph responding clearly 

to the question asked (e.g., “In this essay I argue that…”)

• A summary of the key points of your argument supporting your thesis (1-2 sentences 

directly following your thesis statement, and typically at the end of the first paragraph 

[e.g., “To support my argument, I consider points A, B and C.”]) 

• A well-reasoned argument (typically 2-3 paragraphs after the thesis statement paragraph)

• Topic sentences describing paragraph contents and reflecting key point in your argument 

• Sentences containing relevant information and analysis supporting your thesis

• A conclusion sentence at the end of the final paragraph that expands on your thesis

B. Respond to the question based primarily on readings and lectures. There is no need to draw 

from outside material, though you may do so. 

• Write succinctly and clearly, editing out all unnecessary verbiage.

• Use proper grammar and pay attention to writing style. 

• Summarize and/or use examples to support your thesis.

• Demonstrate a close reading of the material and refer to specifics of authors’ arguments.

• Paraphrase rather than using quotes, unless you want to highlight and/or analyze 

something specifically related to how an author says what you choose to quote.

C. Your personal opinions and feelings about the material are important, and you are strongly 

encouraged, but not required, to express these in the assignment. For instance, you may: 

• Relate issues and themes to contemporary social, environmental or political topics 

• Explore your feelings about the issues raised in terms of personal experiences 

• Comment on the ethical implications of the issues addressed by the question

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