Recommender System

By integrating and analyzing stored data, through a process known as data __________, businesses can better match targeted offers to customer needs and expectations.
A. analysis
B. warehousing
C. management
D. mining

Customer __________ management is the oversight of the set of interactions between a company and its customers, from initial contact through customer support.
A. lifetime value
B. relationship
C. life cycle
D. expectations

__________ is exhibited as willingness to rely on an exchange partner, based on perceptions of the partner’s reliability and integrity.
A. Trust
B. Commitment
C. Satisfaction
D. Relationship

A(n) __________ is a software agent that can learn a customer’s preferences, and then carry out search actions that match this knowledge with knowledge of other user’s preferences.
A. search engine
B. recommender system
C. CRM system
D. smart card

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