Quantitative Research

First, download the Quantitative Research template. You will use this to create your paper. The basic APA features are done for you. On the title page please type in your name and the date only.

You will be required to complete the following

  • In this template, please use Times New Roman 12 Font. As the paper template is in this font. It must be used throughout the whole paper.
  • Use double spacing for the entire paper.
  • Citations must be appropriate, meaning you need to paraphrase. Using the author ideas BUT putting them in your own words. Then you cite (author, and year).
  • Direct quotes should be used minimally. No more than 3 direct quotes can be used in this paper. When you direct quote it can be no longer than 40 words and must have quotation marks around the words and a citation after with (author, year, and page number). See pages 270-272 in your APA 7th edition manual.
  • References (should be on a separate page using APA formatting. Please see examples of journal references and book references in your APA 7th edition manual pages 317-324.

Read the following article:

Mumba, M, N., Mugoya, G., Jurczyk, A., & Robb, M. (2020). Associations among balance self-efficacy, physical function, and pain interference among community-dwelling older adults. MedSurg Nursing, 29(1), 19-26.

In paragraph form using your own words please answer the following questions after reviewing the assigned article.

  • Write an introductory paragraph explaining what this paper is about.
  • What is the purpose of the study?
  • What research design and methods were used?
  • What sampling design was used? Describe some of the key characteristics?
  • Describe one step of the data collection process and chose one measurement tool that was used and explain it.
  • Name one statistical method that was used, explain the statistical method and its relation to the data.
  • Describe one finding from the study
  • Locate one limitation from the study and explain it.
  • Does the study contribute meaningful evidence that is useful to nursing practice?

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