Quantitative Analysis Essay

Quantitative analysis is a technique that uses mathematical and statistical measurements, and research to understand behavior. These numeric calculations help draw realistic comparisons and conclusions that can aid in making an argument more logical and persuasive. Always use reputable sources to gather data and do not invent or intentionally distort numbers. Read multiple sources and study both sides of the issue before you draw conclusions.

Topic: You are not allowed to write about: Drugs, Legalizing a younger drinking age, Marijuana (Medicinal or not), Music (any kind), Abortion/ Adoption, Death Penalty, and Gay Marriage. Think out of the box and come up with a unique topic. Consider the following points:

  • Does the topic you chose genuinely interest you?
  • Will you be able to find enough academic scholarly research to support your claim?
  • Will you be able to find reliable numeric data

Research requirements:

All these sources should be scholarly, and they should come from academic databases (not general internet sources). You are required to use seven sources for this assignment. However, if you feel the need, you can add one or two more sources, but you should not use anything less than seven sources. The commonly used databases are: JSTOR; LEXIS NEXIS: Full-text database (covering current events); ProQuest; Britannica Online; CQ Researcher; EBSCOhost: Includes citations and abstracts from journals in most disciplines; ERIC; Academic search complete

Altogether, your Quantitative Analysis Research essay will be supported with information coming from seven sources. Do not use any print sources (NO BOOKS)

Steps to develop your paper

  • Make sure your essay has a clear and controlling argumentative thesis statement.
  • Your visual should not be larger than half a page. The visual should represent numeric data you discuss in your paper. Do not add images. Cite the source for your visual.
  • Label and cite the graph correctly.
  • Don’t just place the graph in the paper; make references to the numeric data within the graph.
  • Use numeric evidence to present a logical argument.
  • You are expected to make some numeric calculations based on the collected data.
  • Focus on the overall argument and support your claims with Statistical evidence.
  • Anticipate the opposition to your position. Provide a response to your opposition based on logical and accurate information.
  • In order to write strong arguments, you should study the opposition first. Reading and researching the opposing points will help you understand the issue in-depth and assist you in constructing, supporting, and defending your argument. A strong argument should not only seek truth and persuade, but it should also take into consideration refutation and concession.
  • Support your argument with evidence. Cite your sources internally. Add attributive tags and parenthetical citations. Also, list all your sources on the Works Cited/reference page using MLA format. Provide with the complete URL for all your sources.
  • Express your ideas in clear, complete sentences. Edit carefully for Standard American English and punctuation.

Length Requirement:

Your QA Essay should be 6-7pages in length-double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, and formatted according to the MLA or APA guidelines. It should include in-text citations and a list of Works Cited/reference list.  The Works Cited/reference list will not be counted as a part of the required page number

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