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General guidelines for writing food product development report This information is relevant to last two assessment tasks, the final report and presentation Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) considers Food Product Development to be consisting of 5 Ds, which are decide, discover, define, develop and finally deploy. These are also indirectly embedded in stage gate concept of new productive development process. You can format your report/presentation under the following headings.

Note that number in brackets are maximum marks allocated. You must therefore prepare the report accordingly.

Executive summary (5%) Introduction: this section will include basically the first 2 Ds. You will describe and define the need for new productive development based on market analysis of the need.

(25%) Development process: this section will include the next 2 Ds. You will be describing in here the initial formulation, costing, prototype development, modification of formulation based on problems encountered, packaging and shelf-life requirements, quality testing, labelling and other requirements and validation, costing. This section will form the major bulk of your report. At the end of this process, you would have trailed and improved on your final formulation before market launch. Of course, you will discuss each trial and how you arrived at the final product formulation. You will also answer the question of whether your product conforms to the guidelines prescribed by local authorities.

(35%) Market plan: this section will include the last D and should include the targeted market for product launch, the price, the profits, and promotions that you would like to propose.

ass(25) Conclusion (10%). The report should be approximately 2000 words (1.5-spaced, 12 font size, times roman). References and appendix will not be counted in the word limit. You can use Harvard style for writing and citing references.

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