Quality of Information

For your Application Assignment, you will develop an information flyer spotlighting a Web site or page that serves as a resource to families and is designed to provide important information related to healthy development and learning.

Create a flyer that includes the following:

• The name of the Web site and the URL

• The goals of the Web site and who it is sponsored by

• A summary of the content

• Sections you recommend and why

• Information on how to access the site

• Additional interesting information about the Web site

In addition, summarize your responses to these questions:

• What is your assessment of the quality of information presented on the site?

• What additional information or features would you like to see included on this Web site to increase its benefit to families?

• How might you use this resource, or one like this, as a family member and/or an early childhood professional?

Assignment length: Approximately 2 pages

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