Quadratic Models


The temperature at various times on a summer day at a resort in   southern California is given in the following table. The variable t is the   number of minutes after 6:00 A.M., and the variable T is the temperature in   degrees Fahrenheit.   t (min) T   (°F)   20 57    40 64    80 72    120 80    160 81    200 85 240 85    280 90    320 85    360 85    400 78    (a) Find a   quadratic model for these data. (Round your coefficients to five decimal   places.   T =        (b) Use the   model to predict the temperature at 1:00 P.M. Round to the nearest tenth of a   degree.   °F


Formulate an opinion on whether or not it would be reasonable to use  summative assessments for instructional planning. Justify your opinion  with specific examples and support your conclusions with a  peer-reviewed, scholarly source. 


The survival of certain larvae after hatching depends on the   temperature (in degrees Celsius) of the surrounding environment. The   following table shows the number of larvae that survive at various   temperatures. Find a quadratic model for these data. (Round your coefficients   to three decimal places.) (A graphing calculator is recommended.)   Temp. (°C)   Number   Surviving    20 40    21 47    22 52    23 61    24 64    25 64    26 68    27 67    28 64    29 62    30 61     




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