Public Schooling

Question 1

Draw on the course readings and differing educational perspectives to analyze a chosen curricular artifact. The artifact can be a curriculum policy document, a textbook, a school board policy, a film clip or YouTube clip, a newspaper or magazine article, a photo, art, historical documents that depict teacher and/or student engagement with an aspect of Ontario educational policy. You can be creative in terms of your choice of an artifact.

Here are some questions you might consider while writing up your analysis: Why does the chosen artifact speak to you in terms of diversity and equity? What kinds of curricular (political, racialized, gendered, and so on) perspectives are represented or not through and within the artifact in relation to the 6 Equity Knowledge Network priority areas? How has your analysis of your chosen curricular issue and readings enabled you to discuss the possibilities and limitations of different research perspectives put forth? What kinds of assumptions are being made? Who is being represented and/or silenced?

What kinds of knowledge and/or representations are being reproduced, reconceptualized, reconstructed, subverted, and/or challenged? What kinds of connections are you able to make among your analysis, readings, and lived experiences of others (or your self) either inside and/or outside the institutions of public schooling?

Question 2

Q.1 what is difference between Job and process.

Q.2 How Buffering can improve the performance of a Computer system

Q.3 What are the differences between Real Time System and Timesharing System?

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