Public Policy and Administration

I study master MPPA . I am International sutedent .

What is My Vocation in Public Policy & Administration? (2 pages):

The objective of this assignment is for you to reflect and think critically on your future directions in life, and how an MPPA degree will positively impact your employment and life endeavors (volunteer work, community work, etc.). The concept of “vocation” does not only refer to one’s occupation. It can also be thought of as one’s “calling”, that is: What is the broader understanding you have about yourself as part of a larger community? And, what gives you priority when choosing options in your work and life?

Or, others ways to think about your vocation might be: Why get an MPPA? What areas of Public Policy & Administration are you most interested in and why? What are some of the public sector / community issues you are working in and why? You do not need to answer all of those questions in two double-spaced pages, use what questions work for you as inspiration.

**If you have already written a vocation paper for one of my other courses, please take time to reflect on your growth since the last paper.  Separately, make an additional effort to lay out your research interests.

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