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The World’s Smallest Political Quiz

The textbook and lecture discuss the differences between liberal, conservatives, libertarians and communitarians. This assignment will help you see which of these labels best fits your political views. Click here to access a political ideology quiz. Before you take the quiz, write down somewhere which of the four ideologies (liberal, conservative, libertarian, communitarian) you think best describes your political views. Then, complete the quiz. After you have completed the quiz, below to answer the following questions.

– Before you took the quiz, which of the four ideologies did you think best fit your political views? Why? If you really did not know, you should say that, but still tell me why you did not know.

– According to the quiz, which of the four ideologies best describes your political views?

– What specific factors do you think have helped to form your political views? (These factors may include factors discussed by the textbook and by lecture, such as your family, school, age, gender, ethnicity, personal experience, and so on, or any other factors that you think are relevant.) Give me specific examples of how some of these factors have helped shape your views on specific issues.

When you take the quiz, please be aware of two things. First, the quiz uses the term ‘statist’ for what the lectured called ‘communitarian.’ The two terms basically mean the same thing. Second, if you are close to the middle on several issues, the quiz may tell you that you are a ‘centrist.’ (The term ‘moderate’ is also often used.) If the quiz says that you are a centrist, you can tell me that, but also tell me which if the four ideologies you are closest to, according to the quiz.

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