Public Health Application

Topic- Diabetes

Incorporate feedback you received on your Annotated Bibliography and continue researching the topic. After reviewing the literature available on the topic you have chosen, you provide a concise synopsis of the pathophysiology of the disease, present a sample of current research in the area, and explain how the research data could apply to public health programs, policy, or practice. APA style headers are expected for the three subsections: Pathophysiology, Current Research, and Public Health Application.

You may use sub-headers if you feel they are needed for better flow. Use your Essential Guide to APA Style, and get help from the Walden University Writing Center if you need it. Be sure to use APA format for your citations and references. Don’t forget you can use the SafeAssign draft link to check your work before you submit. Your work is expected to be highly original.

Your 4- to 5-page Literature Review must include the following sections:

  • Title page: Include your name, date, course and section, and title of paper.
  • Pathophysiological Analysis: In a section entitled “Pathophysiology of (insert the name of the disease or condition),” provide a concise description of the pathophysiology of the disease or condition. Your objective should be to provide the reader with some of the latest scholarly observations about the risk factors and mechanisms of action for the damage that is done to the body by this condition. Aim for a scholarly audience, which means that you should be using correct terminology and relying on scholarly, published research findings to discuss this topic. Don’t forget to cite the sources in your paper as you refer to them and make sure each source also appears in the Reference list at the end of the paper.
  • Current Research: In a section entitled “Current Research on (insert name of disease/condition),” discuss some of the recent (within the last 3 years) research related to your focus area. Include the aim of each study, the specific methods used, and results of each study.
  • Public Health Application: In your final section, entitled “Public Health Application,” explain the value and application of the research findings you discussed. Cite the studies where you refer to them, and provide some examples of how this information is or can be used in public health policy, programs, and practice. Explain which of the “10 Essential Public Health Services” the public health activities you described would relate best to and why.
  • Reference List: In a separate page (use a page break) at the end of your paper, you must provide APA-formatted references for all resources you used. Note: The references page does not count towards the paper’s page requirement.

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