Public Health Action

Question 1

Identify an infectious disease outbreak in a developing country. Discuss how evidence was used to identify disease frequency and risk factors for acquiring the infection, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the study designs used and identifying the implications of the evidence for public health action.

Question 2

Students are referred to the 2017 annual report of MTR Corporation Limited

Part A Discuss how the International Accounting Standards Board’s Conceptual Framework contributes to high quality corporate reporting.\
Part B Review the 2017 annual report of MTR Corporation Limited and
evaluate the relevance, faithful representation, comparability and understandability of the information to you as a shareholder (use examples from the annual report to justify your arguments).
Part C In your opinion which ONE of the four qualitative characteristics of
financial information do you believe is the most important (you must justify your choice)
In addition to the specific criteria on the assessment feedback sheet, your answers to each part will be assessed on the:
1. Organisation and structure of material
2. Relevance of material and examples
3. Coherence of argument

Question 3

Do ‘deviant’ bodies or practices compel us to rethink normativity? Do they ‘succeed’ in challenging normativity and, if so, in which ways and to what effect?


  1. We live in a ‘normalizing society’ and the ‘norm’ is at the heart of techniques of modern power. Discuss.

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