Public Accounting Firm

Question 1

Case Study

Your case study will be over Nike in comparison to Under Armour.

Read the letter to the shareholders

Note the composition and diversity of the BOD.

Note their public accounting firm.

Look for Corporate Social Responsibility programs and cost of these initiatives.

For industry information, use the library business database First Research. A link to this tool is in Canvas or can be accessed from the library list of business databases.

Use the following outline for your paper. The length of this case study is not to exceed seven pages (double spaced, font size = 12, font = Arial narrow). Your table and list of references are not included in the seven page limit.

Question 2

1. What are pros and cons of Stihl using the Amazon Marketplace to sell its tools?

2. Based on your analysis, what would be your recommendation to Stihl on whether to use the Amazon Marketplace?

3. Might any changes in situation – such as increasing competition, change in product quality, or change in its customer base – lead you to reverse your recommendation or call for a different approach?

The paper should be no more than three single -spaced pages long (roughly one page for each question), with the font type of

Times New Roman, the font size of 12, and 1 inch page margins.

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