Psychology Homework Help Team Assignment

This is a team assignment. My part is the intro, conclusion, and graphs. I poste the other team memebers parts to help and the instructions.


Determine what these indicators are for each state and gender within your Learning Team.

Create a visual representation of each culture using graphs in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, or another program. You can view some examples of visual representations in the following resource:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 Consider what factors may contribute to the differences found in your results.

 Discuss these results in 500 to 750 words. APA


Florida- African-American (75.8)

Caucasian (79.1)

Latino (83.1)

New York- African-American (77.4)

Caucasian (80.5)

Latino (83.5)


There are several different factors that contribute in the life expectancy of African-Americans, Caucasians, and Latinos. Out of these three cultures the Latino culture lives the longest in the states of Florida and New York. The factors that made the African-American life expectancy different from Caucasians and Latinos in New York and Florida were several reasons. Heart disease, homicide, cancer, stroke, and prenatal conditions are some factors that determine why African-Americans have a shorter life expectancy than Caucasians and Latinos. Sickle cell anemia is another factor which is more common in African-Americans than any other race. The factors that were related to the life span of Caucasians were due to suicide, unintentional injuries, chronic liver disease, Chronic lower respiratory and Parkinson’s disease. Also, Latinos live longer out of the three, but spend their latter years disabled because of the types of physical jobs they choose. They are far healthier than Caucasians and African-Americans in the earlier years of their life, but the physical toll of manual labor affects their body years later.


Good Evening Team, Listed below is the data for my portion of the visual representation piece for the assignment. I will have my written portion to you soon as I am still working on that.Subjective wellbeing



African Americans = 19.9%

Caucasians = 15.9%

Latinos = 20.6%

New York:

African Americans: 19.7%

Caucasians = 12.4%

Latinos = 23.9%

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