Psychological Science Paper

Please read the directions below and I have attached chapter 12.

No Plagiarism this will be checked by professor.

Your assignment is to choose a topic from Chapter 12, Defining Psychological Disorders, in your e-textbook. Your paper should be from 1,200- 1,500 words (or about 5 double-spaced typed pages), and you should follow APA style.  Please adhere to page length requirement.

First discuss your topic using information from the textbook.  Provide a brief overview of your topic.

Choose at least two Web sites that contain information about the topic. Both sites need to be credible and one site should represent a national organization that has formed because of the topic. For example, if you choose depression as a topic, then you could choose any national organization devoted to researching and/or providing information about depression. Critically discuss this website and then select a second website pertaining to your topic and critically discuss and analyze the information there.  What can be found at these websites?  Was the information useful?  Who could benefit from this information, etc.

Next, choose two journal articles from credible sources, using one of the psychological databases to find more in-depth information than what is listed in your textbook about your topic. These articles should be research-oriented, i.e., involve a research study. As such, the study will have participants, procedures (or methods), and results. Wikipedia, Psychology Today, or other such sources  will not count as credit for one of your research articles. They must be from from a credible psychological journal.


When composing your paper, first select a title that is indicative of your paper.  Then, begin with an introduction telling the reader the purpose of the paper and what you will review (i.e., the topic, two websites and two research articles). Next, discuss how the topic is presented in the textbook and why you chose it as your topic of interest (keep in mind that you should avoid being too personally revealing in discussing your topic). Then spend most of your paper writing about the information you discovered in your research (from the two websites and the two journal articles).  End your paper with a concluding paragraph that tells the reader what they should know from reading your paper and the importance of this information.

Make sure your paper flows logically and is not a patchwork of bits and pieces of information.


Below you will find the criteria I will be using to grade your paper. This assignment is worth 18% of your final grade. Points will be deducted if your paper is turned in late, so please try to have yours turned in on time.


Grading Rubric for Your Paper on a Psychological Disorder
2.0 1.5 1.0 .5  0
Review topic from your textbook.
Critical review of a website that is a national organization relating to your topic.
Critical review of a second website relating to your topic.
Analysis of a research article from the psychological database pertaining to your topic.
Analysis of a second research article from the psychological database pertaining to your topic.
Author creatively enhances the topic.
 An introduction previews main points of your paper and a conclusion summarizes main points.
Paper is free of mechanical errors (e.g., misspellings, typos, etc.) and is grammatically sound (proper sentence structure).
Citations and references are in proper APA style.


Points to be awarded: Behaviors demonstrated:
2 Exceeds expectations
1.5 Meets expectations
1 Meets some expectations
.5 Meets minimal expectations
0 Not done

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