Protein Annotation Project

Addresses Course Outcomes 1-2:

  • exploit knowledge of the fundamental principles of molecular biology to analyze contributions of DNA and proteins to human physiology and behavior
  • identify, select, and query the appropriate database to best answer the bioinformatics question at hand, and effectively and accurately interpret the outcome

For the protein annotation project, you will use the protein coded by the gene in the gene annotation project, if it was noncoding gene, choose any protein of interest to annotate. The following tasks must be completed and must provide screenshots

  • Provide the protein sequence from the provided gene sequence and state protein name, gene name and amino acid length. Include accession ID or protein ID from UniProt, or NCBI
  • identify the protein function
  • protein family, conserved domains: name and location by amino acid number
  • gene ontology (GO): Provide 2 GOs per each one of these sections where available. Sections: Molecular function, Biological process and cellar component. Include GO ID, name, and definition
  • computational analysis of protein-protein interactions: total number of interactors and at least three names and protein ids of the interactors where available, if there is none, choose 3 other unique features of your protein not on the list

Do not cut and paste your database results to report your findings. Write two to three paragraphs reporting the information you have obtained about this protein. Imagine this is a report you will present to an employer or a group of researchers interested in this protein.

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