Prose Literary Aspects

Prose and Mixed Media: This option is to compare a literary piece we’ve read in this class with its cinematic counterpart. You should focus on the literary aspects of the prose, but you would include vocabulary specific to the movie genre. The debatable thesis and aligned topic sentences should be evident. For example, you may decide to focus on what was left out of the film version and suggest that one genre was more powerful than the other. Or, perhaps you feel the omission was critical to the success of the film. You will write this in the third person, of course, even though this option is asking for your opinion. For example, we will use “Masque of the Red Death” again. There is an obscure 1991 version starring Frank Stallone, Brenda Vaccaro, and Herbert Lom. There is also a 1964 version starring Vincent Price available through Netflix. You could also compare John Smith’s writings to Disney’s Pocahontas.
Your essays should be in MLA Style and approximately 500-750 words, not including the Work(s) Cited page. Again, as with most academic writing, whatever option you choose above should be written in third person. Please avoid both first person (I, we, our, etc.) and second person (you, your).

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