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to discuss the role a filmmaker plays in politics by analyzing the documentaries made by Leni Riefenstahl in the 1930s

to compare and contrast other documentaries and the films made by Riefenstahl

  • To achieve these objectives:

First, you need to watch the interview clip below, The Immoderation of Me, to hear what Riefenstahl had to say about her work, this clip is very important. 

  • Then you need to watch segments of two of her most famous films: Triumph of the Will and Olympia. 

Watch this clip first: The Immoderation of Me (2002). Get a sense of who she was and her ideas about the role her films payed in politics. If this clip does not play for you, click on this link:   (Links to an external site.)You can advance to minute 14:28 and begin watching there. 

Then, watch her films:

  • Triumph of the Will (1935) – you do not need to watch the entire film, just a few scenes will be enough, I suggest you begin somewhere around minute 31:00.

Olympia – Part 1 (1938) – again, just watch a few segments. Jesse Owens sprint is around minute 38:00.

  • Now that you are familiar with the filmmaker’s work, this is what you need to do:

By Friday 10/22, answer ALL the following questions, elaborating your answers in 250-400 words (for all 3 answers, not for each answer):

1- Were Riefenstahl’s documentaries either Art OR Propaganda films AND Why? Please choose one or the other, do NOT take the safe road of “they are both”. You will lose 10 points if you answer “both”.

2- What cinematic elements (shots, angles, movement, editing, lighting, sound, etc.) from Riefenstahl’s documentaries were different from the movies of the Hollywood Studios?

3- Name one other filmmaker (American or International) who did documentaries similar to Riefenstahl’s. Illustrate your point by including one of his/her film titles AND explaining what are the similarities (be specific).

To keep your ideas organized in context, you must copy my first question and then write your answer, then copy question 2 and your answer, and the same with question 3.

Every answer must make a reference to at least one of her movie examples. You must be specific. IMPORTANT: Her Mountain Films, including The Blue Light, were not documentaries and should not be used in this discussion.

Remember to write all film titles with quotation marks or italics, for example: “A Night at the Opera” OR A Night at the Opera. You must be consistent.

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