Promotional Strategies

Question 1

an age-old question is “Does structure follow strategy or does strategy follow structure?” The new, successful firms appear to be on-line driven and not really interested in brick and mortar. Amazon is the obvious example. Does the rapid growth of Amazon and similar firms put pressure on Walmart and Target, etc. to change or can they still survive (can anyone still survive) without creating online revenue streams to go along with their traditional strategy of storefronts? Is Amazon a true “Technology company”? They never really developed or wanted to develop a brick and mortar strategy. Is ecommerce, in all its forms, the Blue Ocean of today (soon to become Red)? Is this truly the future, the destiny of retail and many other industries?

These are just examples of threads/directions that you can discuss along with the many others that you all will develop over the time frame this board is open. Take this discussion any direction you wish but do bring out what is happening from a strategic point of view. You can also discuss the downsizing/closing of major chain stores (ex. Sears, JC Penney, Best Buy, Gander Mountain, etc.) and provide support as to why you think this is occurring.

Discuss the emerging online piece of strategy for all of these firms as well as for WalMart and Target (ex. Walmart recently purchased JET–why did they do that? Amazon recently purchased Whole Foods–why did they do that?). What are the business models of Walmart and Target–how are they alike and how are they different.

Question 2

Journal Entry #4: Discuss why has the use of guerrilla marketing been on the increase? Take a position as to whether or not this form of marketing has become controversial and explain whether or not this is criticism is warranted.

Write a minimum of three well-formed paragraphs highlighting your promotional strategies for your event to market your product. Describe what type(s) of advertising you would select to promote your event and during the event. Be creative.

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