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Using the problem you identified in your Module One journal and the feedback you received, describe the research problem including the context in which it exists. Using the problem statement, describe the stakeholders and research objective. Based on the research objective, develop a research question that clearly and concisely articulates in one sentence the purpose of the study. Consider the key real or potential ethical issues or challenges of the study.

After describing your business problem and research question, prepare a comprehensive literature review that carefully and thoughtfully examines the research problem from a scholarly perspective using a minimum of seven quality sources. A minimum of three of the sources must be selected from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. Other quality sources can be professional publications or magazines, internal corporate publications such as annual reports or white papers, or established news sources.


A drug tester claims that a drug cures a rare skin disease 85% of the time. The claim is checked by testing the drug on 100 patients. If at least 81 patients are cured, the claim will be accepted. Find the probability that the claim will be rejected assuming that the manufacturer claim is true. Use the normal distribution to approximate the binomial distribution when possible.

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