Profitability History

Question 1

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next battleground for mobile technologies such as iOS and Android. Many of the next generation technologies will focus on networking devices together and providing seamless access. Take a look at the following articles and answer the questions in essay format.

  • Google’s Grand Plan for Nest Goes Way Beyond the Internet of Things
  • Tech Giants Scramble for Lead on “Internet of Things”
  • Apple Dives Into “Internet of Things”
  1. What efforts has Google done in the Internet of Things (IoT)? What efforts has Apple done?
  2. Compare and contrast two similar IoT technologies (for example, HomeKit vs. Nest)
  3. What wireless protocols and technologies are involved in these devices? (for example, ZigBee)
  4. What privacy and security issues might arise from Internet of Things devices?

Put your answers in a Word doc and paper should be at least 3 pages not counting title and reference page. APA format

Question 2

Google Fiber Financial Data and Projections

Define the approximate size, in units and dollars, of the target market for each of the company’s products/services.

Provide management’s estimate of the company’s market share and associated industry rank for both the last three years (actual) and the next three years (projected).

What has been the growth and profitability history of the industry, the company specifically, and what are its future prospects? If the projected growth rate exceeds the historical growth rate, discuss the major factors behind the company’s assumptions (e.g., technological breakthroughs, lower production costs that can be passed on to customers, value chain benefits/competencies, etc.)

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