Professional Resume

Assignment: Write a professional résumé (related to your actual, specific major). It should be a polished, finished product that is appropriate for presentation to a potential employer. The mechanics of a résumé were covered in class, and in the textbook for additional reference. Engineering students should include their programming languages, operating systems, and projects, etc. Biology students should include their research, and so on, as all students will make this assignment reflective of their actual, specific career focus.

All résumés should include the basics as described in the text and discussed in class. IMPORTANT: This is not just an isolated class assignment; the purpose is to create an actual résumé you can use and continue to build on as you move forward in your future career. Make it true to you and your skills as this is your actual résumé. It is ok to project a little into the future, such as listing skills, projects, accomplishments you will have achieved by the time of graduation but nothing beyond that.

DO NOT project past your current graduation; as in do not fill your résumé with fictional content, even if you hope for it to one day become true. This is not a fictional résumé set in the deep future; this is the here and now related to you career focus and what you are currently building towards concerning your bachelor’s degree and nothing beyond that. Parameters: The samples in the book are templates that you should fill with your original content. Because you are creating a résumé full of your own original content true to only you, you should model your resume after the samples on pages 496 and 497.

REPLICATE that template with your original content. Meaning, make sure to use the exact same headings (Summary of Qualifications, Education, etc), formatting, and style and fill it with your original content that is unique to only you, your experience, your skills and your career focus. Do not use any other samples to base your résumé off of. It should mirror the template. Your headings should be no larger than font size 16 and the main body text should be size 11 or 12.

The specific font style is up to you; but choose wisely. Choose a professional, simple, nondistracting font. Again, remember to replicate the sample layout, such as the specific use of the following: spacing between text and headings, the centering of the top of the page identifying content, the use of bullet points, use of bold, use of underline, etc. The final product you turn in must have 1 inch margins and be no more than 1 page long.

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